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Nagabhushana T N

Executive Director

The East West Group of Institutions (EWGI), Bengaluru is a leading educational Group of Institutions in Karnataka, India. The Institute is imparting quality education as per the standards with importance to Academics, Research and innovation. EWGI is a preferred group of Institutions among the students for their career path. The Institute vision is to become the center of excellence in Academics, Research and Sciences. In the institutions the students are all well equipped with all the necessary requirements as per the norms to become competent enough for the industry. EWGI has created a conducive and compassionate environment for the overall development of students in curricular & Extra-curricular activities. EWGI is a place to nurture the talent and also to develop the students towards the various professional careers. The institutions impart multidisciplinary integrated learning pedagogy. This makes students’ progress rejoicing and fruitful by providing a path of excellence to achieve greater heights in the years to come.
I heartily welcome all student community for the best of academics and Research with their choice based programs at EWGI.

Dr. Purushotham B


The mission of EWP is to assist individuals from young age and at any point throughout their lives with appropriate opportunity to make the best possible choices about life direction, career and education pathway, and is to provide international standard of education for students in order to prepare them for their life in 21st century. It is our aim to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen field.